iClebo YCR-M05-10 Arte Smart Home/Office Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Mopping Robot SALE

Title : iClebo YCR-M05-10 Arte Smart Home/Office Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Mopping Robot

Description :

Robot Cleaner right for your home, iClebo Arte.Even though various home appliances and chores are shared among the family members, the home labor is still largely done by a single person. The only area in home labor that can be wholly handled by a machine, is cleaning. iClebo Arte cleans inside the house by itself, even when there is no one at home. iClebo Arte brings together the best elements – Smart integration of superior technology, Cleanliness, the original function of cleaning robot, conveniet ease of use, and consideration for environment. This ulimately makes iClebo Arte the robot cleaner just right for your home.

  • Cleans up to 94% more than other robot cleaners
  • Vacuum and mops at the same time.
  • 15 sensor monitor iClebo to minimize collisions.

Such scrupulous movement of iClebo Arte is supported by the stable barrier recognition system. It cleans the complex and corners and spaces in domestic housing environments navigating the maze of funiture with a total of 15 sensors. Sensors such as IR bumper sensor that detects the barrier in advance of encountering it during cleaning. The mechanical bumper sensor changes iClebo direction when it bumps into a barrier. An accelration sensor that refudce the speed as musch as possible to ensure that the contact would be the level of a light touch.

iClebo pass the global standard cerification procedure, carious quality test such as KEMA, HOHS, and EUP. iClebo received the highest rating on an evaluation carried out by Emporio a leading German appliance magazine.

A source of price, iClebo Arte offers enhanced threshold climbing compared to other robotic vacuum models. It can run freely to every corner of the house without worrying about the limitations of barriers like, carpet or rugs. Similar products have a 10mm climb threshold, iClebo detects up to a 20mm climb – the highest level for a robotic cleaner. You won’t have to worry about a room being skipped or not cleaned by an obstical like a carpet or heavy rug on the floor. iClebo Arte cleans without interruption.

Your home is a special sanctuary for your family, and it should always be a clean and fresh environment. iClebo Arte not only confidently cleans, vacuums, and mops but also utelizes a memory free powerful lithium–ion battery with a long lifespan. Environmentally consciese, iClebo offers a run–time of 160 minutes per charge.

Smart Engine Algorithm
iClebo Arte has about 50 navigation sensors that calculate 200/sec and analyze surroundings 10,800 times/sec. It cleans every corner of the house meticulously.

Ultralight and Slim
Easy to carry, utralight 2.5kg and height of 8.9cm. Can clean almost beneath anything in your home or office.

Triple CPU
The triple CPU of iClebo Arte allows for accurate room size analysis, thus enabling better cleaning performance and longer operating time.

High Energy Efficiency
Standby power of 0.8w is lowest among its competitors. That is acheived through high quality product design that is built to optimize energy efficiency. With a operating time of 160 minutes that is twice as long as its competitors.

World’s Best Cleaning Performance
Won 1st place award at the German Cleaning Robot Performance Test! That is acheived through top of the line cleaning mechanism that includes a Triple blade & Strong Rotating Power (816 revolutions/min) that doesn’t leave even the tiniest of dust behind.

Can Climb up 20mm Doorsil
iClebo Arte can climb up to 2cm of doorsil or carpet to clean every corner of the house.


  • UI: Touch Panel
  • Area Recognition: Camera & Gyro Sensor
  • Sensors: Camera, IR, PSD, Gyro, Encoder, Bumper
  • Filter: Antibacterial filter
  • Battery: Li-ion
  • Cleaning time: 120min – Standard conditions, 160 min (Max)
  • Charging Time: 110 min
  • Battery Current: 2,200 mAh
  • Battery Voltage: 14.8V
  • Cleaning method: Vacuum, Brush, Mop
  • Noise level: 58db
  • Power Consumption: 12W
  • Standby: 0.9W
  • Dimension: 8.9 x 35 cm
  • Weight: 2.8kg

What’s in the box:

  • iClebo Arte Robotic Vacuum
  • Charging station
  • Remote Control
  • AA Batteries x 2
  • Quick guide
  • Side Brush (Left & Right)
  • Adapter
  • Mop Plate
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Sterilization Filter
  • Area Boundary Tape
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Ultra Microfiber Wet Mop

Features :

  • Cleans up to 94% more than other robot cleaners
  • 2 in 1 Vacuum and mops at the same time
  • 15 sensor monitor iClebo to minimize collisions
  • Camera Recognition Vision Mapping & Navigation System
  • World’s Best Cleaning Performance – Won 1st place award at the German Cleaning Robot Performance Test!

iClebo YCR-M05-10 Arte Smart Home/Office Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Mopping Robot iClebo YCR-M05-10 Arte Smart Home/Office Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Mopping Robot
List Price : $599.99

Price : $449.99
Saved Price : $150.00

Category: Wet-Dry Vacuums
Brand: iClebo
Item Page Detail URL : link
Rating : 4.0
Rating : 24
Review : IClebo

I received my Iclebo mid January 2014. At first, it vacumed the entire floor, room by room, rugs and hardwoods, very well. Just outside my 30 day refund period, this unit began acting strange. Where beforehand, it had sucked up a quarter, navigated rugs, stone and hardwood floors, it now spun in circles and did not want to move forward on carpet anylonger. I have updated this review becaues Iclebo Director of Sales contacted me and will pay the shipping to return my unit, to try another. I loved that they called me, wanted to work this out and also I was informed that they have a max of 5% failure rate, that perhaps 1 out of 1000 units is faulty. So I am looking forward to having an Iclebo that works proper and re-posting an update soon!


Miele S8390 Kona Canister Vacuum Big Discount

Title : Miele S8390 Kona Canister Vacuum

Description : Power:

New low-noise, 1200-watt, Miele-made Vortex MotorTM
Suction control via +/- controls with 6 settings

Filter System (Included):

4.76-quart-quart capacity, G/N AirClean FilterBagTM
Active H.E.P.A. Filter

User Convenience:

Lightweight skeleton construction
Impressive 33-foot operating radius
Long electrical cord with one-touch automatic rewind
Exclusive 12-stage AirClean SealedTM System
Electric, telescopic, stainless steel wand
Deluxe Comfort Grip handle with electrobrush control
Three fully integrated accessories: dusting brush, upholstery tool, crevize nozzle
7-Year Motor Warranty & 7-Year Casing Warranty

Included Floor Tools & Accessories:

SBB300-3 Parquet Twister floor brush
SEB 228 Electro Plus Electro Brush

The Miele S8 Series A perfect synergy of design and functionality, Miele’s S8 series sets new standards in floor care. These full-size canisters combine maximum features and efficiency with outstanding cleaning results. Superior engineering is balanced with carefully-selected, fine quality materials such as a durable stainless steel wand and specialized ABS plastic with a hard, impact-resistant surface. The S8 series features innovative skeleton construction, making it 2 lbs. less than the S5 series. Other conveniences include a 36-foot operating radius and foot pedal controls for quick and effective cleaning. S8 also features a silence motor to maintain a quiet environment, and an AirClean Sealed System that not only vacuums your floors — but also cleans the air your family breathes.

S 8390 Kona Miele’s S8 Kona vacuum cleaner features an Electro Plus electrobrush. With a five-level height adjustment and an independent motor, the Electro Plus delivers the ultimate in cleaning power. A perfect choice for larger rooms with medium to deep pile carpeting. The Kona also includes the Parquet Twister – providing 180° rotation for the agile, yet gentle care of smooth surfaces. A telescopic, stainless steel wand and long electrical cord, with one-touch automatic rewind, provide a total cleaning radius of 33 feet. The S8 Kona is also equipped with a Deluxe Comfort Grip handle and six-stage suction control via a +/- foot switch. Other conveniences include three integrated accessories — a dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle — and a 3D bumper.

Six-Stage SuctionSix-stage suction controls, via a +/- footswitch, ensure the correct level of power for the surface being cleaned.

Auto-Seal Closing FilterBagKona’s AirClean Sealed System features a HEPA filter which captures and retains over 99.9% of lung-damaging particles. This, plus Miele’s unique AirClean FilterBag, ensures that particles are never released back into the air.

Three Integrated Accessories The S8 Kona features three convenient onboard accessories including a dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle.

One-Touch Cable Rewind The gentle, complete one-touch cable rewind feature fully retracts the cord, with no need to stand on the switch.

Electro Plus ElectrobrushWith a five-level height adjustment, the Electro Plus is ideal for medium to high-pile carpeting, as well as smooth surfaces.

Parquet Twister The Parquet Twister rotates 180° – offering exceptionally agile cleaning for all smooth flooring.

The vacuum that truly cleans. And lasts. Since 1899, Miele has been dedicated to producing state-of-the-art home appliances, and we support your passion for a cleaner, healthier and more comfortable home with our innovative, award-winning collection of vacuum cleaners. Our canister and upright vacuum cleaners help you care for all aspects of your home. Miele’s advanced, technologically-superior filtration systems also improve the quality of air in your home.

German Engineered Built with uncompromising quality, Miele vacuums are built to withstand the rigors of everyday cleaning, year after year. In fact, Miele vacuums are tested to last 20 years.

7 Year Motor and Casing Warranties Enjoy the comfort and confidence of a Miele-endorsed seven-year warranty on your vacuum’s motor and casing.



Miele S8 Series Product Comparison

S 8590 Alize
S 8390 Kona
S 8390 Cat & Dog
S 8590 Marin
S 8990 UniQ
    Low noise, 1,200-watt Miele-made Vortex Motor
    Electrobrush controls via handle
    Six-stage suction controls, via +/- step down foot control
    Six-stage suction controls, via +/- step down foot control, plus self-adjusting Automatic setting
    Six-stage suction controls, plus self-adjusting Automatic setting, and electrobrush controls via +/- handle control
    12-Stage AirClean Sealed System
    AirClean FilterBag, Type G/N
    FilterBag change indicator
    Filter change indicator
    Standard Filter
Active HEPA
Active HEPA
Active Air Clean
Active HEPA
Active HEPA
    Lightweight skeleton construction
    Telescopic stainless-steel wand
    Long electrical cord with one-touch automatic rewind
    33′ cleaning radius
    Dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice nozzle
    Mini Turbo Brush (STB 101)
    Automatic standby switch in rear park position
    Dynamic Drive castor wheels
    Deluxe Comfort Grip handle with spotlight
    Deluxe Comfort Grip handle with electrobrush controls
    Deluxe Comfort Grip handle with electrobrush and suction controls
    Illuminated side park system
    Chrome Accents
    LED Underbody Lights
    Velvet Bumer Strip
    Standard floor tool
AirTeQ Combination
Electro Plus Electrobrush & Parquet Twister
Electro Plus Electrobrush & Parquet Twister
Electro Comfort Electrobrush & Parquet Twister
Electro Premium Electrobrush & Parquet Twister
    Recommended Flooring
Low pile carpeting, rugs and smooth flooring
Low to high pile carpeting, rugs and smooth flooring
Low to high pile carpeting, rugs and smooth flooring
Low pile carpeting, rugs and smooth flooring
Low to high pile carpeting, rugs and smooth flooring